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Other Services

🏗️ Other Services At Gallen

Explore our comprehensive transport solutions featuring trucks, trailers, and specialized off-road vehicles. From heavy-duty trucks to customizable trailers, we offer a diverse fleet to meet your transportation needs. Browse our selection, including detailed trailer diagrams, to find the perfect solution for your project.


Our Fleet 

Abnormal Load


At Gallen Crane and Truck Hire, we provide an abnormal load haulage service, specialising in high wide and long items.


Abnormal Load


Permit for Specialised Vehicles; form when signed by the Garda Síochána Permits Officer grants permission to move abnormal loads as defined under the above Regulations, on inter-urban routes specified in the Schedule of Designated Roads.


Gallen Crane and Truck Hire provides these for abnormal load movement. For more details or to inquire about our assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Pilot Car & Transport Escort Vehicles

At Gallen Crane and Truck Hire we have an extensive fleet of pilot cars and escort vehicles.


Pilot cars and escort vehicles move abnormal sized loads along the road and give personalised load alerts to oncoming traffic.


Specialised Vehicles

PCC115 Tracked Crawler Crane

The PCC 115.002 crawler crane is the ultimate flexible machine covering medium to heavy lifting jobs. Extraordinary challenges are the easy ones for our hero. Especially in tight spaces indoor or outdoor the adaptable crawler crane shows his strength and versatile opportunities. In full spec. with detachable crawler unit, detachable counterweight, detachable fly jib and powerful 3,5 tons rope winch its weight is 42 tons. The PALFINGER crawler crane PCC 115.002 is easily to split in minutes for long distance transport on two trailers. Also shifting detached in the crawler unit and the crane unit is a possible way to bring the flexible machine to the place to be, when the height is too limited. The flexible machine could be also operated via power grid – fully emission free! With the crane removed from the truck and the tracks it can simply "shift" itself into position with either the truck or the tracks providing the required hydraulics through an 11 meter umbilical cord. This is your next strong power package for smart applications, where no other large crane can come.

Offroad Army Truck

Our offroad army truck is the perfect solution for the delivery of equipment along an array of different terrains.

Tracked Crawler

The tracked crawler is the perfect unit for transporting materials due to its compact design due to its compact design in areas of difficult access / egress.

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